Special Events

Science Week March 2020

Sit Isaac Newton Thursday 19th March

After researching Isaac Newton, we published our writing in our own chosen way.

Exploring static electricity Thursday 19th March

Bird Feeders

Today we have made bird feeders. It was very sticky and yucky but good fun!

Tin Foil Boats

On Tuesday afternoon, Year 5 were set a challenge to design and create a boat from a piece of tin foil that would hold the most mass. This required them to apply their prior learning about forces from the Autumn Term. We discussed gravity, water resistance and upthrust. We also had a discussion about what happened to the level of bath water when you get in, learning that we displace water and that boats also displace water. In order to float (and hold a larger) they need to displace more water. After a few exploration attempts (with access to water and pennies), the challenge was on! Here are a selection of photos for you to peruse. The designs had varying success – 19p up to a staggering 108p. The maximum mass held was 382 grams (if I remember correctly).

Best Insulators

Here are a selection of photos that show Year 5 investigating which material is the best insulator. They used thermometers and data loggers to keep track of how the water’s temperature changed over 15 minutes. The majority of groups found that the fur material was the most successful insulator because it is thicker.

Ice Breaker Boats

Year 3 made Ice breaker boats. Mrs Carr judged the best looking boats and we tested which were the fastest at moving through sand.

Ice Cream

Year 3 have been making our own ice cream! We put our favourite flavour of milkshake in a bag then froze it quickly by surrounding it with ice and salt.

Wobbly Egg

We are doing the wobbly egg investigation in Sirius class this week. Yesterday we put a raw egg in a bowl of vinegar and watched as lots of bubbles formed on the surface of the egg. Today the outer layer of shell seems to have gone!

Wobbly Egg update

Our egg is wobbly! When we checked today, the egg was translucent and squidgy. It even bounced!

Rainbow Rain

We have completed the ‘Rainbow Rain’ experiment. We filled a jar two thirds full with water, added shaving foam on top and then dropped food colouring on top using a pipette. This created rainbow rain!”


We have been busy this afternoon with our Science activity to design and make a boat. Our parents joined us and were a great support to all of the children. We had a fantastic afternoon and here are the final products! We will continue testing them next week and announce the winners soon.

Play Doh

Scorpius used play doh to practise bending, squashing, twisting and stretching ready for a science investigation!

Ice Breaker Boats

Today, Year 5 were able to test our ice breaker boats to see which boat broke through the ice the most effectively and in the fastest amount of time. We decided on overall winners for the most attractive and the most effective.

Year 5 chromatography experiment

We looked at the Earth’s atmosphere and its significance, then used chromatography to create our own representation, before experimenting with different coloured felt tips and having scientific fun.

Exploring animals that are insulated by a layer of Blubber. ‘Blubber gloves’ experiment.

We used a data logger to measure the temperature differences.  1.7 degrees versus 21 degrees.
Children could try this with their hands in the gloves at home.

Science Week Launch

Today we launched our whole school science week by inviting parents in to classes to help us build boats.

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 all made boats which need to float, and hold the largest amount of cubes.

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 made ice breaker boats which need to move through our sand testing area.

We had an amazing time working in teams with each other and our families!

Road Safety Week November 2019


This week we have learnt how to cross the road safely using the Green Cross Code, have learnt about reflective material and we have enjoyed exploring a road map to understand road signs and safe places to cross. We have worked hard to earn our own certificate for taking part in Beep Beep Day.

Year 1

Year 1 have been enjoying learning about how to cross a road safely and looking at signs we may find when walking about. We made cupcakes and decorated them to look like road signs.

Year 2

Crossing the road 19 November

Today Scorpius were visited by Mrs Taman from the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership. We learnt how to cross the road safely and went for a walk around Long Sutton to use our new skills. We're now brilliant at 'stop, look, listen, think!'

Today Sirius had a visit from Mrs Tayman from the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership. She took us for a walk around Long Sutton and taught us how to cross the road safely, identifying clues that might help us know when it is and isn’t safe to cross.

Year 5

Year 5 have successfully organised a ‘Wear your Stripes Day’ in school, along with a Bake Sale to raise money for BRAKE. They are feeling proud of their efforts.

Throughout the week, we have explored many aspects of road safety including: The Green Cross Code; The ABC of Safety; Safer Cycling (including within our community): and ways to encourage traffic to slow down on our roads.

Here are a few photographs of our learning.

Year 5 have been learning about the importance of Road Safety as part of our Road Safety Week. Here is Aquarius class sharing the key message in Makaton of The Green Cross Code.