Lower Key Stage 2

On this page you will find information and updates for Leo, Hydra, Phoenix and Gemini classes.


World Book Day 5 March

The children made their favourite book characters out of potatoes for world book day.

Hydra Class

Leo Class

Hydra in their Christmas jumpers 13 December.

Descriptive Language 28 November

Year 3 have used descriptive language in place of pictures to write their own versions on Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura.

Electrical Circuits 28 November

As part of their scientific studies, Phoenix class have been learning about electrical circuits. They designed and drew the circuits using the proper electrical symbols. Our future engineers choose components, built their circuits, tested them and where necessary used their fault finding skills.

Roman Democracy 28 November

Here are some photos from Year 4 Gemini class. We have been learning about the Roman system of democracy. The children were in three groups. Each person had a role to play. Some of the children were Roman people who had a suggestion that they wanted to become law. The people spoke to the Tribune, who represented their views to the council of 4 councillors. The council then spoke to the senator who presented the idea to the consul, who decided if it should become law. One of our consul said no and the other two consuls said yes but there were conditions attached to their decision!

Field and Dyke 21 November

Gemini and Phoenix classes spent Monday afternoon with Danny Pedler and Greg Russell, who are the folk group Field and Dyke. The children listened to Danny and Greg play, sang along to them and finally wrote their own verse. They then performed the song to a suitably impressed Mr Lord. The afternoon was great fun and exposed the children to the emotion and power of a live performance.

The caveman trip report by Daisy

On Tuesday 29th October 2019, Leo class was so excited for a caveman trip. After we got to school we lined up and left our coats on and lined up at the class door and we ran off to the tent. Miss Law said who wants to go first? Everyone barged in and we saw stone tools and paintings on the tent walls. Suddenly an arm moved we were scared! Another person started to move! They were cave people! They were called Mema and Twig. They told us three words. They told us Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. After we learnt that, we ate fish and pigeon. After that we did flint knapping and we made fire saying “fire brother comma.” Twig showed us the tent. Sadly we had to stop but we made a caveman home.

Book Review by Peter and Rhys (Leo Class) 6 November

The Boy Who Grew Dragons by Andy Shepherd, Illustrated by Sara Ogilvie The Boy Who Grew Dragons by Andy Shepherd, Illustrated by Sara Ogilvie

Star rating:

The class liked the book because it was very funny and it is popular. It is about a boy who finds a dragon that has explosive poo that grew from a dragon fruit tree in his grandad’s garden. The dragon has kaleidoscope scales and his sneezes make sparks that cause chaos and mischief. Tomas has to try and keep the dragon in his bedroom so no-one will find out, but eventually has to take him to school (and hide him from Liam, the school bully) because he’s worried that the dragon will set fire to his house!

Eventually he figures out that there may be more dragons growing on the tree!

It was our favourite book because it is full of funny moments and we’ve never read a story like it before. Our favourite characters were Flicker (the dragon) and Tomas because he looked after the dragon really carefully.

We recommend this book to boys and girls of all ages.

Caveman Recount

Yesterday was the most amazing day ever. It all started when we went through this mysterious tunnel that led to a tent. The tent had animal fur all over the floor. We were about to sit down when an arm flopped over, then a cave woman awoke. She started to hiss at us. We fled away and trod on the cave man! The cave woman poked us with her stick then awoke the cave man they told us their names. The man’s was Twig and the girl’s was Memma.

After that, they talked to us about the difference between the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic era. They also told us about the exciting life of a cave man. They brought in a pigeon and a fish. Some people plucked the feathers off the pigeon and some people helped to cut open and gut the fish. It was disgusting!

Memma started a fire and we had to chant fire brother comma then after a lot of chanting fire appeared and there was so much smoke Memma started to cough. Whilst we were out doing flint knapping, the others were inside learning about Stone Age crafts.

It was so good we would love to do it again.
By Lacey

Leo Stone Age Experience 29 October

We had an amazing Stone Age experience this week, when a caveman and a cavewoman visited our school. They constructed a fantastic tent that was covered in Stone Age images and art. During the day, the children learnt about the different periods of the Stone Age and how to create a fire. They then helped to prepare and cook a pigeon and a trout, which the bravest children ate.

After a demonstration, all the children had a go at flint knapping to recreate some Stone Age tools and learnt about some of the other crafts that Neolithic humans did, such as making jewellery and clothes.

There are some pictures of our day and there will be some recounts written by the children following soon.

Hydra Caveman Experience 29 October

Today we had a fantastic start to our Prehistoric Britain topic, with the Caveman Experience. The day was jam packed with activities from making fire, to plucking a pigeon and even gutting and cooking a fish! We also looked at how weapons were made using flint and had a go at making our own. Finally we made a class cave painting of all our handprints. We had an amazing day and we are all looking forward to learning more about our new topic.

Sacrewell Farm 9 October

We had a great time on our school trip to Sacrewell Farm. We learnt about farming in Lincolnshire, including the types of crops grown in this area. We also visited their refurbished mill to learn about how flour is made from wheat.

Following our trip, we will be doing some cooking using ingredients grown on the farm.