Our Staff


Miss S Gray

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs R Hales

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs N Dowding

Assistant Headteacher

Mr P Whitehead

Inclusion Leader/ SENCO

Mrs Hales

Family Liaison Leader

Ms Morris


Miss Fellows Reception (Andromeda)
Mrs Barkworth (Orion)
Miss Askher Year 1 (Pegasus)
Miss Harper Year 1 (Cygnus)
Mrs Lee Year 2 (Sirius)
Miss O'Dwyer & Mrs Copeman Year 2 (Scorpius)
Mr Whitehead Year 3 (Phoenix)
Miss Nichols Year 3 (Hydra)
Miss Law Year 4 (Leo)
Mrs Withers Year 4 (Antares)
Mrs Clark Year 5 (Aquila)
Mrs Sutton Year 5 (Aquila)
Mrs Dowding Year 5 (Ursa)
Miss Hannam Year 6 (Aquarius)
Miss Jaques Year 6 (Libra)

Cover Supervisors

Mr Neoptomelus
Mr Whiting
Mrs Sutton

Teaching Assistants

Miss Barton
Mrs Braginton
Mrs Burton
Mrs Claxton
Mrs Crisp
Mrs Dye
Miss Golledge
Mrs Goult
Miss Griffiths
Mrs L Kirkham
Mrs Keir
Mrs Lanaghan
Mrs Lilley
Ms Patrick
Miss Pereira
Mrs Plaice
Mrs  Rouse
Mrs Shelley
Miss Stretton
Mrs Synott
Mrs Thomas
Miss Wilson-Hawes


Mrs Smith Nursery Manager
Miss Manning
Ms Cox (Maternity Leave)
Mrs Goult
Mrs Botting

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Synnott (Controller)
Mrs Braginton
Miss Chapman (relief)
Miss Clarke
Mrs Claxton
Mrs Dye
Mrs Ford
Mrs Foulsham-Perkins
Mrs Marshall
Mrs Swinbourne
Mrs Thomas
Mrs Turner (relief)
Miss Williams
Miss Wilson-Hawes (relief)

Miss Smith – Kitchen Supervisor
Miss Dye – Catering Assistant
Mrs Headland – Catering Assistant
Mrs Feetham - Catering Assistant

Breakfast Club Assistants

Mrs Dye
Miss Clarke
Miss Wilson-Hawes
Miss Chapman (relief)


Mrs Roscher – Chief Operations Manager, Keystone Academy Trust
Ms Sayers – Administration Assistant
Miss Manning – Finance Assistant / PA to Strategic Team
Miss A Thorley – Administration Assistant
Mrs Benfell – Clerk to Governors

Caretaking & Cleaning

Mr Goult Site Manager
Mrs Bryan
Miss Chapman
Mrs Turner