Pupil Voice

Our School Council

After learning about the importance of Democracy as one of our British Values, our School Council was voted for by the pupils of each class. Each candidate gave a speech to explain why they thought they could represent the class best and what they would like to achieve. The other pupils then chose the person they thought could represent them best.

We meet regularly to discuss a variety of issues and projects, which currently include fund raising ideas, safety posters for parents and designing a logo to represent us.

Within our group, we gave speeches to apply for different roles on the council, which were then voted on. The results were:
Chairperson – Lyra
Deputy Chairperson – Charlie
Secretaries – Jacob and Poppy
Treasurer – Matilda
Councillors – Phoebe, Alfie, Bobby and Riley

We encourage children to speak to their own class councillors if they have any issues they wish to raise.