Sports Grant

All primary schools are now in receipt of £8000 per year (+£5 per pupil) for Sports Premium. Our commitment to sport and activity is to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to be involved in a range of sports and different activities that promote health and wellbeing. Our involvement with Inspire+ allows us to spend our Sports Premium money on effectively encouraging sport and leadership through a range of different incentives for staff and pupils. This includes coaching, staff and pupil training, gifted and talented and mentoring workshops and a range of opportunities for pupil development in sports leadership.

We are delighted to have been informed that the Sports Premium has been guaranteed now until 2020 meaning we can expand our sports and health opportunities for an extended period of time and provide our pupils with continued opportunities for the foreseeable future. A full detailed document on our Sports Premium Funding Spend can be viewed on request and the Inspire+ core offer and impact can be reviewed using the link attached to this page.